Kuji Cam Download

Kuji Cam is undoubtedly one of the best retro cam apps in the market right now. Kuji Cam is developed by GinnyPix. It currently has a number of 10000 installations which highlights its huge reputation by the public. In terms of interface, it is very similar to Huji Cam. But it offers many functions than Huji Cam and that’s what makes Kuji Camera more interesting. With the help of this take stunning photos with effects of light leakage and chromatic aberration. The content of this page is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing official support. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Getting Started With Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam is a camera application for Android devices, that makes your photos as precious as the shots of an analog camera. In addition to the fancy features it brings, Kuji Cam uses a filter that generates images that look like an analog photo, with roll and development. And all the images you take are left with a random date of the year you choose.

This app is very simple to use. In fact, the interface of the app is very simple since it is reduced to the trigger button, small viewer on the left side and a control to activate the flash when you want. The only thing that the processing is instantaneous and you do not have to wait even an hour like in the past.

Installation of Kuji Cam

This application is a one that is worth having. It is very fun to use and offers everything a person looks for in a retro camera. To download Kuji Cam, we leave the respective links below, which vary depending on the operating system you use.
Kuji Cam for Android   Kuji Cam for iPhone  

If you’re using Android, then you only need to visit the Google Play Store and search for “Kuji Cam”. From there you can install the application easily just by tapping on the green button that says “Install”. But if you do not want to install the application from Google Play for whatever reason, here I will also leave you the link to download Kuji Camera APK and that way you can install the application manually on your phone using APK file.


    1. Instant Preview for Photos
    2. Light Leak
    3. Customizable Date Stamps
    4. Portrait, Landscape, and Selfie
    5. Self-Timer
    6. Filters from Kuji

How to Use Kuji Cam

When compared with other similar applications, Kuji Cam’s interface is very simple. The main reason for that is because it is more focused towards taking retro themed photos rather than other fancy filters. When you open to install and open Kuji Cam for the first time, you will be asked to grant permissions to take pictures and record video. After you allow that, you will get the following screen. At the beginning of this guide, we discussed the interface in brief. But in this section, I’m going to explain it a little bit further.

Kuji Cam

So, on this main screen, you can see a few controls. These controls allow you to manipulate Kuji Cam’s settings. On the top right corner, you can see a Button called Lab. That’s where all of your photos stores. Beneath that you can see the Flash button to activate the flash. And then the large round button is for the camera shutter.

On the top left corner, you can see an opening for the view. They designed Kuji Cam’s interface as from as an actual camera and that’s why you can not get a normal view like other camera applications. When you click on dots you can get the extended features of Kuji Premium.

You can see a small circled arrow button for switching between your phone’s front and rear camera. So whether it’s selfie or portrait, Kuji Cam can handle it. Underneath that, you can see another circle type button for controlling the light leak. When enabled, this will add an analog light leak to almost every photo you take.

Then in the middle of the button panel, you can see the KJ button for filters. It has many filters. You have to trust guys! You can even apply color filters on Kuji photo editing application. In addition; you can edit the date stamp which is typically appeared on the photos by using Kuji Cam.

Another mind-blowing feature that we would like to highlight that you have the potential for preparing your own filter recipes. Basically; a filter recipe can be used again and again on photos. It saves a lot of time. Isn’t that interesting? Huh!

Kuji Cam Premium Version

Those who are unsatisfied with the free version of Kuji Cam, can definitely try out Kuji Cam Premium APK version which is required to be purchased. In order to give you all a clear idea regarding the premium version, we would like to take a look at the dumfound characteristics of the premium version. The premium version offers you the chance to edit unlimited amount of photos without making any limitations. Moreover; there are 120 premium features are available so that you can add incredible effects to your photos.

When considering the film dust effects, there are thousands of film dust effects are available. Moreover; there are numerous light leak effects are available on Kuji Cam APK. Do not forget that you have the chance to make changes in the intensity of effects as well as filters without facing any trouble. Just like in other photo editing apps, typical photo editing features like copying and pasting are also available on Kuji Cam. You need not to get frustrated with advertisements if you have obtained the Kuji Cam premium.

Developer Appreciation

All thanks should go to the hard-working developer who is famous as “GinnyPix” on behalf of his dedication on creating this application as a totally free app to all Android mobile device users in the world. Guys do not forget that “GinnyPix” is still continuing the overall updating process of this software with the target of offering a great user experience.