Kuji Cam iOS Full Review

The popular on Android camera app Kuji Cam Cam is now available iOS. Latest Kuji Cam application comes with extensive image editing tools and a wide range of photo filters.

Each smartphone has a manufacturer-customized camera app installed by default. Most of the time this default camera app works satisfactorily: You take pictures, you can edit them a little and save them in the gallery. The Kuji Cam sees itself as a complete replacement for the existing camera and gallery app. When it comes to retro styled filters Kuji Cam is the best in its class.

After installing Kuji Cam, when you click on Kuji Camera icon in your home screen, the Kuji Cam appears. Here you have the possibility to take your picture with the normal or the front camera. At the top right of the screen are the camera settings, so you set the flash and some filters. The images are then saved in your phone’s internal storage. The last photo you took remains visible at the bottom right of the screen. Click on it to be in the gallery of Kuji Cam. Here is the plus button above which you can import images from your own smartphone gallery into the Kuji Library.

By tapping a photo you now have the opportunity to edit it. If you do not like it, you can delete your photo with the trashcan button. You can then share it on the platform via the Share button, via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The little flag marks your photo as a favorite. With the screwdriver/wrench button you edit your photo and add different filters eg in retro style. In addition, you adjust the exposure and the hues of your picture.

Via the home screen of Kuji Cam, you select whether you want to go to the Photo Gallery or the Camera. Kuji Cam Premium lets you get more filters to take awesome photos. When you scroll down the list of Kuji Filters you can see that most of the filters are free. Kuji Cam doesn’t have a gallery of its own. It uses your phone’s default gallery. This is very useful because it allows you to easily access into your recent photos instead of opening Kuji Cam every time.

The app Kuji Cam does what it should: It takes retro styled pictures, but in terms of quality are not very different from those of your integrated smartphone camera. The icons of the app are partly incomprehensible and explain themselves only after you have clicked on them. Kuji Cam is now available for free at the App Store. In-app purchases are possible. The app does not show any ads while using but it may show some ads while you’re on Kuji Cam home screen.