Termux APK Download | Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app

termux apk download

Termux is an Android application that provides a full-featured terminal emulator and a Linux environment on your mobile device. It allows you to run a wide range of Linux commands and packages directly on your Android device, giving you access to a powerful command-line interface (CLI) and a collection of software tools typically found in Linux distributions.

termux apk download

Termux provides a package management system, similar to those found in popular Linux distributions, that allows you to install various software packages and utilities. This enables you to customize your Termux environment and extend its capabilities by installing programming languages, text editors, version control systems, network tools, and more.

With Termux, you can use your Android device to perform tasks such as coding, scripting, system administration, network testing, web development, and even running servers. It’s a popular choice among developers, security enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to utilize a Linux-like environment on their Android device.

Please note that while Termux apk provides a Linux-like environment, it is not a complete replacement for a traditional Linux distribution. Certain advanced features and hardware access may be limited due to the nature of the Android operating system.

Pros and Cons of Termux APP


  • Feature-packed emulator
  • Safe and easy way to emulate Linux environment in Windows PCs
  • Tons of terminal shell options
  • Compile codes and store contact list backups with ease


  • Requires some technical knowledge to make full use of the software

Why use termux?

Termux is portable: imagine if you want to do a man-in-the-middle-attack at the victim’s house, and you are using a laptop for that, it will be incredibly suspicious and after the attack complete, everyone can figure out that it was your doing. On the other hand, using your phone is normal everywhere, you can use termux instead of a noticeable Laptop.

No Root required: For using any good apps that are available on the play-store require Root Acess and Termux don’t need root the only requirement is your android version should be more than 5.0.

No Setup Required: You don’t have to do any tedious Setup to install it on your system, just download and you are ready to install your favorite package.

Minimal and Compact: The size of the Termux app is just less than 200Kb and the size increases when you download packages and you can uninstall the packages which are not in use, The look of the command-line itself is so satisfactory of termux.